Masimo - Rad-5 - Gray Boot


Masimo SET? Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion? Pulse Oximetry

  • In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology comparing three pulse oximetry technologies, Masimo SET? demonstrated the highest sensitivity and specificity in identifying desaturation events during conditions of motion and low perfusion1
  • Lightweight, handheld device with user-configurable power up default settings
  • Sleep Mode allows clinicians to disable audio tones and dim LEDs
  • Up to 72 hours of trending memory
  • Perfusion Index (Pi) is the ratio of the pulsatile blood flow to the non-pulsatile blood in peripheral tissue used to measure peripheral perfusion
  • Signal I.Q.? (SIQ) provides an assessment of the confidence in the displayed SpO2 value
  • FastSat? tracks rapid changes in arterial O2
  • SmartTone beeps in sync with pulse, even under patient motion conditions
  • Sensitivity options: APOD?, Normal, and MAX
  • Audible and visual alarms for High/Low Saturation, Pulse Rate, Sensor Off, and Low Battery


Masimo - Rad-5 - Features
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Red
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Orange
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Yellow
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Pink
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Baby Blue
  • Masimo - Rad-5 - Boot - Blue

Protective boots are available in your choice of seven different colors.


  1. 1.

    Shah et al. J Clin Anesth. 2012;24(5):385-91.



Product Information

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.